Getting tired of your usual cannabis strain? Why don’t you try out a new one in the market? The Ghost of LeeRoy strain has been making waves lately. Some people are even raving about its nice effects. It’s relaxing yet energizing at the same time. If you’re intrigued, read on and see what this strain is all about.

Basic Information – Ghost of Leeroy Strain

Ghost of LeeRoy is a cross between two different cannabinoids. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s in any way less effective than its parent plants. Because of its high levels of quality, it is always sought after. Eventually, it became a regularly available seed in different physical and online stores.

Plant Species/Type

This plant is a hybrid of the Sativa cannabis and Indica strains. Ghost of LeRoy is a rare type of strain that’s dominantly indica. To be specific, it is 35% sativa and 65% indica. It falls under the OG Kush group.

Strictly speaking, the seeds of this LeeRoy strain are regular in shape and size. Therefore, you still need to perform the usual techniques for seed germination, plant growth, and bud development. If you know the basics of taking care of a plant, you’ve solved at least 50% of the problem already.

Origin of the Ghost of Leeroy Strain

The Ghost of LeeRoy Marijuana strain is a hybrid plant crossed from LeeRoy and Ghost OG. Rare Dankness US seed bank created this combination. Because of its high-quality genealogy, it perfectly fits as a representation of the OG Kush strain.


Because of the plants used to create this hybrid, the scent that it creates is pungent but tips a little toward a lemon-like scent. Some report its scent as citrusy or fruity.

People reported an herb-like smell whenever they exhaled while smoking Ghost of LeeRoy. They also noted that the scent is a cross between citrus notes and a cotton candy-like fragrance. As for the general aroma, some of those who tried it mentioned that it is also somewhat earthy with a sweet overtone. The sweetness of the scent intensifies the more that you break the nugs apart. This fragrance becomes even more dominant when you begin to burn these nugs.


Ghost of LeeRoy has dark green, lush, and large leaves. Its specific shade of green highly depends on the average temperature where you decide to grow it. Its phenotype is also a factor that decides the depth of green on its leaves.

Its cannabis flower is generally resinous. Its sepal has a proportional number to the surrounding leaves. Therefore, this makes it easier for you to trim it once harvest time comes. Its bud is usually crystal trichomes in golden amber hues. The chalices are generally round. In healthy plant varieties, they somewhat resemble large pieces of popcorn.

Its nugs are usually dark amber with small hairs. It is covered with frosty trichomes.

THC Levels

The average THC level for Ghost of LeeRoy is 28%. Compared to the best cannabis varieties out there, this is considered a high THC level. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can get the most sought-after long-lasting psychedelic effects. You may also experience other great effects aside from mind fogging. It has no reported traces of CBD.


It produces a medium up to a high yield of buds when subjected to the best possible care. In some cases, the yield may be so high that you need to pick out the largest bud first to avoid affecting the emerging ones.

How It Works

Myrcene is the dominant terpene found in Ghost of LeeRoy. It’s mainly responsible for the subtly sweet and earthy scent that the bud produces. Its main effects are targeted towards calming down a person’s mind and body.

When you smoke this type of marijuana, your lungs take in the nice scent and send it to the brain along with the much-needed oxygen. Your brain cells then urge your brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that’s related to rewards. Therefore, when your brain is flooded with this chemical, you get the feeling as if you did something great that day. Remember how they say it’s dope? We think it’s because of that neurotransmitter.


Initially, your cerebrum will be the first to be affected by the scent. The high will slowly spread through the limbs and the rest of the body parts. It will start as a tingling sensation followed by relaxation of different muscle groups. Depending on your tolerance and the potency of your bud, you will experience the following other effects in the next few minutes or hours: In general, people reported being giggly after trying out this hybrid. Some also become talkative when using this strain.


If you’re in a bad mood today, try lighting a bud and see how it changes your entire mood in a matter of minutes. You don’t even have to do anything else but sit back and relax.


When you start smoking Ghost of LeeRoy, you will feel your mind getting blank with each passing minute. This is not a cause of concern but an assurance that the bud is working in your favor.


Along with sleepiness, you will feel your muscles slowly loosening up. It will start with your trunk and radiate to the outer parts of your body. The nice feeling will travel from your shoulders, hips, arms, legs, and finally to your fingers and toes.


More than simply feeling good, the THC in Ghost of LeeRoy can lead to euphoria. With the right number of hits, you’ll get that all-time high that will send you to cloud nine.

Dry Mouth

As with any type of cannabinoid, this is an expected side effect. We assure you that this is temporary and will go away in a few hours.

Conditions It Helps Address

Because Ghost of LeeRoy is very potent, it can be used to treat various types of medical conditions. In some cases, it is used as an adjunct to treatment to make the healing process much more bearable to the person who uses the bud.

Mood Swings

Mood swings happen because there’s an imbalance in more than one neurotransmitter in your brain. Ghost of LeeRoy helps regulate this problem by letting your brain produce dopamine while inhibiting your hippocampus in the process. This aids in getting your memory-impaired for the moment while you let your brain drown in some relaxation cocktail.


Dopamine works with melatonin to ensure that your sleep and wake cycle will eventually normalize while you smoke the weed. If you’re using the bud to fight off insomnia, it’s best to start smoking at night. Ideally, do this about an hour or two before you plan to take a rest. Do this regularly to ensure that melatonin levels will be constantly heightened around the same hour each day.


Fatigue takes place because of many factors such as stress, overworked muscles, or a combination of both. The buds help address this by providing relaxation to your muscles. This encourages them to regenerate while they’re in relaxation mode. Because Ghost of LeeRoy can cloud your mind, you will not have to worry about a thing while you’re at it.


This is a condition that takes place when there’s an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine. When you smoke Ghost of LeeRoy, it helps provide a good balance between the two. Thus, it helps reduce the symptoms temporarily.

Chronic Pain

A combination of the THC and neurotransmitters at work is responsible for keeping the pain levels to manageable levels. In some cases, some people who already tried out Ghost of LeeRoy reported that there are times they even don’t remember feeling any pain while smoking the weed. 

Plant Care

Ghost of LeeRoy adapts well to varying types of environments. You may grow them outdoors, indoors, or even in greenhouses. With the proper balance in humidity, sunlight, and fertilizer, you will surely yield plump buds before you know it.

Growth and Development

Once its seeds start to germinate, it will soon be growing more stems that will branch out further. As soon as the branches start to develop, you can use the Screen of Green (SCROG) technique. This technique encourages the floral sites to grow even more. As soon as it starts to flourish, you will see more buds starting to develop.

The Screen of Green technique is a method of spreading the branches of your plant, so they don’t overlap. Using this technique will help your plant have more room to stretch out its branches. Thus, it helps increase the yield because they are given more room to grow.

To further improve bud production, prune leaves from time to time. This will help improve airflow and allow the plant to stretch out its branches and leaves even more. Once the buds start emerging, provide external support for the larger ones. This will help prevent them from prematurely falling off and ruining the scent and its effects once you start smoking them.

You will need to spend at least two months taking care of the plant before you notice the top-shelf flower starting to mature. If you’re planning to grow it indoors, the average flowering period takes about nine weeks to complete. At this point, you begin to see the small buds forming in groups. This often happens in the early parts of October when the weather is usually a balance of warmth and coldness.

Once this happens, you will eventually enjoy having a high yield of high-quality bud and chalices. This is provided that you took good care of the plant even before the flowering season began. 

Preferred Soil Type

There is no specific type of soil where you can plant Ghost of LeeRoy. As long as the water can effectively drain from the soil fast, it’s good enough. If you choose a type of soil that holds too much moisture, it can lead to root rotting. Once this happens, you can never reverse the problem, so you have to avoid it at all costs. Sand is a good choice for this plant. You may also go for soil mixes, but make sure it’s mostly composed of sand.


Ghost of LeeRoy needs calcium and magnesium to encourage it to produce a large bud. Feed it to your plant during the flowering season for the best results.

Watering and Humidity

Ghost of Leeroy prefers having low humidity levels. Therefore, do not overwater it, or you might end up with a rotting bud.

Sunlight and Weather

Ghost of LeeRoy can be considered a versatile plant when it comes to different weather conditions. It can tolerate any level of sunlight given to it without any issues. This plant can also tolerate cold nights.

Powdery Mildew

This type of plant is highly susceptible to powdery mildew. This is a type of fungus that forms on the top part of the leaves. It looks like a powdery-white formation while the affected leaves are either yellowing or browning out. If you leave it alone, it will not take long before it takes over the entire plant. Once your plant is infected with this problem, you can never use any part of it for smoking. Therefore, we advise you to address the problem as soon as possible.

First, get rid of the leaves affected by the fungus. If less than one-third of your plant is affected, you’re good to go. Once you treat the problem with the appropriate fungicide, move your plant to a sunnier spot if it’s originally in a shady area. This will help decrease the chances of getting the problem to the leaves and bud. Feed the plant with compost tea every once in a while to build immunity against powdery mildew.

Add More Color to Your Life with the Ghost of LeeRoy

The Ghost of LeeRoy is not the first indica hybrid that’s gone famous in the realm of weed. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s far inferior to the ones before it. Before you dismiss this plant, why not give it a try today? Let us know how we can help you, and we’ll get you started on different Ghost of LeeRoy strain info.

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