how to make cannabis tea
How to make cannabis tea…. yum

Do you want to try a new kind of tea with a cannabis twist?  Learn how to make cannabis tea. Yum!

If so, then a cannabis tea (or weed tea) will be perfect. Just like other edible teas, we can prepare it with various ingredients depending on our own personal liking. 

What’s even better with cannabis tea is that we can actually benefit from drinking it. Before we get to the various ingredients and ways of making cannabis tea, let’s first look at its benefits. 

Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Tea

We already know that cannabis can get us high, but there are other benefits of cannabis when we consume it through tea. 

Like drinking a normal cup of tea, we can serve cannabis tea without getting high, which you will find more information about below. Check out the benefits!

1. Reduces Chronic Pain

When suffering from chronic pain, our mobility is limited. Sometimes, we may even have to leave our jobs or stop physical activities that we enjoy because chronic pain is so unbearable. 

Although we can take some prescribed medicines to alleviate our pain, we can also try cannabis tea. 

Evidence Points to its Effectiveness: 

Pain-fighting properties of compounds in cannabis are present because of its cannabinoids. When we drink cannabis tea, we also consume these active ingredients or cannabinoids into our liver and digestive tract. 

That’s why many individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, MS, AIDS, and cancer are into cannabis tea. Although it may be slow-acting, its effects are long-lasting.

Thus, we experience its extended pain relief even when we only drink one cup of cannabis tea.

2. Stabilizes Mood

Cannabis tea may also help individuals with mental conditions. It’s not only used to make people high but with cannabis tea, we can even stabilize our moods. We can use it to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms. 

Some people even say that their sense of well-being has improved by drinking cannabis tea. The reason behind this is that drinking weed tea emits lesser psychoactive effects as compared to marijuana smoking. Instead of feeling high, we become relaxed and calm. 

Since the effects of drinking cannabis tea last for a long time, we may even be able to reduce our depression. Thus, we can change our expectations as we experience pleasant emotions. 

3. Lowers Nausea

With some diseases, nausea is inevitable because of the treatments one goes through. One of which is the chemotherapy that cancer patients undergo. 

Many find drinking cannabis tea helpful in controlling their nausea. Instead of smoking weed, you can enjoy a cup of tea infused with cannabis. 

Aside from nausea, it can also help boost patients’ appetite, which decreases with some medical treatments. 

4. Combats Arthritis or Joint Pains

As mentioned, chronic pain is experienced in arthritis. Even young people experience this painful disease and not only the elderly. 

Sometimes, we can even experience joint pains after a sports injury, lack of physical movement, or long hours at the desk. Thankfully, drinking weed tea can help us combat this pain. 

Even better, it not only helps with physical pain but also mental relief because of the calming effects it provides. 

5. Improves Sleep Disorders

Cannabis also has a sedative property that can induce sleep. When suffering from disrupted sleep or insomnia, drinking cannabis tea may help improve our sleeping patterns.

Since we can sleep uninterrupted, we can fully rest and wake up feeling refreshed. 

How Long Before The Cannabis Tea Takes Effect?

Drinking tea and smoking marijuana are different from each other. Unlike smoking marijuana, drinking weed tea will take 30-90 minutes before noticeable effects take place. Some even find that it takes hours before they can feel an effect. 

Smoking marijuana, on the other hand, may give us an effect within a couple of minutes. The effect is also more potent, so most experience euphoria or “high.” When it comes to drinking cannabis tea, the effect is milder. Some don’t even experience a “high” feeling. 

Should We Drink More if We Don’t Notice an Effect?

As mentioned, we can sometimes require 30-90 minutes to experience the effects of cannabis tea. That’s why we should avoid drinking another cup of weed tea if we don’t notice any effects immediately. 

Be patient, and it will soon take effect, especially if it’s your first time to try cannabis tea. We should always wait for a minimum of two hours before drinking or brewing another cup. 

What Determines How Long It Takes?

Determining the factors affecting how long it takes to feel the benefits of drinking cannabis tea is essential to know how to prepare our weed tea correctly. These factors are the strength of the tea and our body chemistry. 

If we’re lighter or smaller, the effect may take place faster than in taller or heavier individuals. Our tolerance level and body chemistry will also relate to how long it takes for the tea to take effect and how we feel it. 

One recommendation is to use one cup of high-proof alcohol. We can place the dried flowers or leaves in a cup of alcohol and completely cover them. Then, we should use the liquid mixture when making tea instead of water. 

We can also grind the cannabis leaves into a fine powder with a spice or coffee grinder to avoid dealing with leaves floating in our cup. We can then use the powder to make our tea. 

Length of the Effect

How long the effect lasts is quite similar to how long it takes to kick in — quite a while. That means that the effect will stay in our body for longer. Sometimes, we may even feel the same effects for up to five to six hours after we’ve finished our cup of weed tea. 

How Long Does the Tea Stay in our Body?

Although the effect may be gone after a few hours, the cannabis tea is still in our system. 

Depending on our overall tolerance level, the tea could take up to ten days to leave the body. If we frequently use it, the weed tea will likely remain in our systems for up to 45 days.  

How To Make Cannabis Tea: 

The 2 Ways To Make Marijuana Tea

We can make cannabis tea using the stems and leaves of the marijuana plant or its buds. 

The stems and leaves of marijuana are milder, while the buds of the cannabis are more intensive and stronger. Knowing this information will help us choose the right ingredients to make marijuana tea. 

Check State Laws Before Adding Weed To Tea

Although drinking weed tea has its benefits, we still need to check out our state laws regarding the use of marijuana. Some still prohibit it. 

Amount of Cannabis To Add

We have different body systems, so our system reacts to cannabis tea differently. That’s why we cannot have specific dosage measurements on how to make cannabis tea. However, we can use the recommended dosage below based on the level of effectiveness we prefer. 

Generally, you should go and start slow when trying your first weed tea. Then, based on your body’s reactions, you can start upping the dosage. 

Cannabis Tea Recipe

If you think that making marijuana tea is simply throwing in the marijuana buds, you may need to consider it again. We need precision and the right recipe if we want to enjoy its benefits. 

Here are some recipes for making marijuana tea: 

Little To No Psychoactive Effect: Cannabis Tea With Chamomile and Rose 

This tea is good for calming effects, as we don’t have to dissolve THC.


  1. Cannabis buds, stems, or trims: 2 tsp
  2. Dried chamomile: 2 tsp
  3. Dried rosebuds: 2 tsp
  4. Honey or sugar (optional)

HOW To Make Cannabis Tea With Chamomile and Rose 

  1. In a tea infuser, add the cannabis and dried flowers.
  2. Allow five to ten minutes to steep the ingredients in hot water. This time is not hot or long enough to bring out the THC. 
  3. Then, add sugar or honey to sweeten the tea after the drink has steeped. 

Important Note

To prevent the THC from dissolving, avoid using fat-based sweeteners or creams, butter, or milk. 

Chai or Marijuana-Infused Tea

  1. For flavoring: 2 saffron rock candy sticks
  2. Tincture or cannabis oil: 2 tbsp
  3. Half and half or any fatty milk: ¼ cup
  4. Water: 2 cups
  5. Assamica black tea: 2 bags

Steps To Make Marijuana-Infused Tea 

  1. Put each bag of Assamica black tea in two different cups of boiled water. 
  2. Wait for two to three minutes to let the tea bag steep. 
  3. Add tincture or cannabis oil and milk in another cup. 
  4. Now, add the cannabis-infused milk evenly in each cup of the water infusion after removing the tea bags. 
  5. If you want to add flavoring or make your cannabis tea sweeter, you can add the saffron sticks depending on your sweetness level preference. 

Mild Strength: Stem Tisane or Weed Leaf

  1. Sugar or Honey: 1 tsp (optional)
  2. Half and a half: 1 cup
  3. Water: 2 cups
  4. Marijuana leaves or stems: 2 grams

Steps To Make Stem Tisane or Weed Leaf

  1. If you want to extract THC from the marijuana, grind the stems in a coffee or spice grinder. This will also allow you to drink your tea without floating stems or leaves. 
  2. Boil the water in a pot, then add the half and a half and weed stem in the pot. For five to seven minutes, stir them. 
  3. In a teacup, strain the resulting mixture. 
  4. You can opt for sugar or honey to make it sweeter.
  5. You can now enjoy your soothing concoction. 

Medium Strength: Weed Bud Tisane


  1. Sugar or honey: 1 tsp (optional)
  2. Water: 2 cups
  3. Butter: ½ tsp
  4. Marijuana flowers or buds: ½ gram

Steps To Make Weed Bud Tisane

  1. After grinding the marijuana buds, mix them with the butter in a bowl. Make sure to mix them well.
  2. Until the marijuana grounds are coated with butter, continue stirring them.
  3. Simmer the water in a medium pot. Mix the marijuana butter mixture into the pot of water.
  4. While the tea brews, gently stir the mixture for half an hour. 
  5. Cool the mixture for a few minutes before straining it. 
  6. To make it tastier, add sugar or honey. 

Does Cannabis Tea Make Us High?

Since some cannabis or weed tea uses marijuana as the base, we can get high depending on the recipe we use. 

We can get a mild to medium “high” from the recipes above if we use fatty oil or butter. The explanation for this is that the intoxicating chemical or the THC in marijuana is fat-soluble and not water-soluble. 

Moreover, to have psychosomatic effects, we need to activate THC through decarboxylation, which is done using heat. 

As mentioned, we can use the cannabis tea recipe that emits little or no psychoactive effects to feel relaxed or soothe our nerves. But, if we want to get a little high, we can try recipes with mild to medium strength. 

Brew Your Cannabis Tea

When ready, you can start making your own cannabis tea by following the recipes above. 


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